Our Environmental Policy

There is a reason why Geer's has been a leader in exterior facilities management for over twenty years.  We maintain a strong commitment to corporate and environmental sustainability for our clients’ facilities. Geer's is continually striving to protect the environment through the use of eco-friendly products and practices. We aim to provide exterior facilities maintenance services that our clients can feel good about.

Areas of Discipline

Water Conservation
Geer's uses site-adapted plants that require minimal chemical use and maintenance, thus reducing the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides. We work to reduce wasted irrigation water by monitoring system times, installing low-volume heads and practicing drip irrigation techniques. Additionally, we apply a chemical-free pressure washing technique that recycles water and leaves no residue behind.

Chemical Reduction
We use low environmental impact fertilizers and pesticides for commercial landscape maintenance projects. Environmentally sustainable cleaners are applied in order to promote greener facilities and better prepare for the plants' growing season.

Environment Friendly Pressure Washing
Geer's specializes in cleaning commercial properties and multi-level parking decks in the West Central Florida area. What makes us different is the eco-friendly cleaning methods that we can use, the ability for us to clean with no water access required, and the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you get.

Our specialized equipment allows us to recycle and reuse 98% of the water, saving water usage dramatically. Our enzyme formulation cleans tough stains without using harsh chemicals, so you can be rest assured that you are making the environmentally friendly choice. We also fine tune and adjust the pressure of the water to ensure no damage is done to your property.

Certifiably Green
Geer's can also be contracted to provide specialized maintenance of LEED certified buildings and properties and, when directed, will use Green Seal approved products and environmentally sound processes that ensure environmental sustainability and the health of employees. Geer's can be your partner towards LEED certification as well. We assist facility managers, building owners, and tenants in developing solutions that are "green" without increasing costs. We also offer consulting services for creating high performance "Green Cleaning Programs" and cleaning audits for both public fortune 500 companies and private organizations.

We are actively committed to reducing pollutants and conserving natural resources through sustainable business practices. Contact us for more information. E-mail: